"The man who put
              America on the water"

Try to imagine an extremely diligent worker, a workhorse really, sitting quietly at his desk for hours sketching numerous yacht designs, which he, along with his team of designers, engineers and draftsman, developed into an amazing 7,000 yachts and ships. Picture this man, and then imagine another man conducting orchestras, painting, writing poetry, drawing cartoons, and telling jokes to his friends and family.

In addition to his talents in Yacht designer, Hargrave was poet, fine artist, and illustrator.

The Historic Publication

The life of legendary naval architect Jack Hargrave parallels the rich history of American boating, and it is through this meticulously researched and carefully designed publication, American Classic – The Yachts & Ships of Jack Hargrave, that you will see just how intricately the two are intertwined.

Containing 224 pages, 334 photos and illustrations, and 75 yacht designs.

Brought to life by Executive Editor of Showboats Magazine, Marilyn Mower, this book covers over 100 years of the history of yachting through the life of one its most influential designers.

Where are they now?

Jack Hargrave touched the lives of many; especially those who owned a Hargrave designed boat. Here in this section, J.B. Hargrave design enthusiasts share their personal testimonies and create a link to thousands of other happy owners.

Where can I find this book?
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