The Legacy of Jack Hargrave
“The man who put America on the water.”

Try to imagine an extremely diligent worker, a workhorse really, sitting quietly at his desk for hours sketching numerous yacht designs, which he, along with his team of designers, engineers and draftsman, developed into an amazing 7,000 yachts and ships. Picture this man, and then imagine another man conducting orchestras, painting, writing poetry, drawing cartoons, and telling jokes to his friends and family. These two distinct characters describe the dichotomy of one man. Jack Hargrave’s distinct and unique qualities worked in harmony with one another and blended to produce a man both loved and respected by many.

His persona was reflected in everything he did, whether it was writing a romantic love letter to his wife Janet or sketching a motor yacht for a client. In every aspect of Hargrave’s life there was an enthusiasm for living, honesty, dedication, talent, and humility. Behind the seemingly tough exterior was a man of greatness, and in the book, American Classic -The Yachts & Ships of Jack Hargrave, you are given a detailed glimpse into the intricacies of Jack Hargrave and his momentous impact on America's powerboat industry.


Defining the American Look: Hargrave and Burger Boat, circa 1957

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