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“An American Icon.”

Jack Hargrave’s adage was that above all else, a boat must be seaworthy, but he was also lucky enough to have a natural talent as an artist. Hargrave’s designs all have a unique style with clean lines and excellent proportions that are aesthetically pleasing. Hargrave understood that a boat must do more than just perform well, it has to look good too, and in reference to this was once quoted saying, “After all, if both gals can cook, why not marry the pretty one.” Hargrave often urged fellow designers to take their yacht designs to the next level by paying more attention to aesthetics. Although it was important to Hargrave that his yachts looked good, he would never compromise safety for the owners or crew. Hargrave designed yachts embody the vital characteristics of strong lines, unmatched beauty, power, seamanship and performance.

When the Seven Seas was launched at the Burger yard the blocking gave way during a sideways launch. Notice how calm Jack Hargrave (wearing white jacket) was with his hands in his pockets.

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